Moving Coil Transformer for low impedance cartridges

We searched for long time for a moving coil transformer with magnificent musical qualities for low impedance MC cartridges. The MCT-SPU matches perfectly with pick-ups that require an input impedance of 3-10 ohms. The MCT-SPU is a MC transformer from the classical analog era. Originally, this transformer was manufactured by Telefunken for the studio technology. Now, after approximately a 40 year production break, it is produced again, exclusively for us. The MCT-SPU offers the optimal match for the Ortofon SPU. In addition, other MC cartridges from Ortofon, Koetsu, Ikeda, and Fidelity Research sound outstanding with this transformer. The sound of the MCT-SPU is musical and powerful with outstanding “air” and instrument placement .

Technical data:
frequency range: 5Hz-45000 Hz
step up ratio: 23,5 dB
input impedance: 3 ohms
dimensions: (W x H x D) 11 cm x 7,5 cm x 12 cm

5 years warranty. Each MCT-SPU is handcrafted in our laboratory. Each unit features engraved lettering, a non-magnetic low resonance case, non-resonant, lacquer coated CNC-milled PCB-boards, ground optimized design, dual channel construction, and only high quality matched components.

Review Image Hifi No. 45

Thus Roland Kraft judges the MCT-SPU (unofficial translation):

…It retains spatial coherences and pictures practically completely and reveals themselves beyond that as throughout play-joyfully and dynamically… The clear and open sound of the new old design strikes many of its competitors above all upward around lengths. In the bass the MCT-SPU with swinging joy and precision pleases, otherwise this MC-transformer ranks completely clearly among few the extremely transparent, pleasing discoloration-free exemplars its becoming extinct kind…