02-05-2014 | Bronze Groundplate “Custom Made”

Upon request from a customer in Asia, I have made ​​this special bronze groundplate. Is twice as thick as the bronze groundplate “standard”.


26-04-2014 | New european distributor for Sun Audio / Uchida tube amps

The tube amplifiers of Sun Audio, Japan are now available at Acoustic Dimension in the Netherlands.

In the product range added with a few changes. The both new monoaural amplifiers are very interesting by the strong driver stage and the interstage transformer.
New are two mono amplifiers:

  • SV-2A3EPX (2A3 PP amplifier with interstage transformer)
  • SV-2A3TSX (2A3 PSE amplifier with interstage transformer)

Bild/Grafik: Sun Audio SV-2A3TSX

Bild/Grafik: Sun Audio SV-2A3EPX

21-11-2013 | SME 3012-R black, really a beauty

I got this beautiful tonearm two months ago in a dusty and broken state for repair. One of the main problems were the most required spare parts in black, these were from SME specially made because only silver parts are available for this tonearm as standard. After the repair, it is a real beauty , he looks even more beautiful in real than in the picture. It is a very rare tonearm, I had several hundred SME tonearms in the last years in my workshop, but only a handful of the SME 3012-R in black.


21-11-2013 | Armboard Platine verdfier fro an Ortofon RMG 309i

I made these custom made armboard for the cuistomer with a Platine Verdier and a Ortofon RMG 309i. It´s apapt to a earlier armboard for a Platine verdier that I made for vintage Ortofon tonearms from the fifties.


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