How to order

The ordering is easy, you can place your order by email, fax or phone. We send you all informations about the order and a order confirmation by email or fax. We working on  a comfortable order cart. In the near future you can place your order directly this website. If you have any question please feel free to ask. Please use the contact form.

Ordering procedure

1st step
download the Pricelist Analog Tube Audio (english)

2nd step
mail us the following informations

  • which items you like to order
  • which shipping address is applicable
  • which payment method you use

3rd step

  • We send you all informations about the order and the order confirmation by email

4th step

  • you send the payment

5th step

  • Once payment is received, all goods will be shipped.
 Item                                                                         Quantity –> 1 2 3-5
RCA Conversion kit A A A
Bronze knife edge bearing MK3 A A A
RCA Conversion kit + Bronze knife edge bearing A B B
Bronze Groundplate Standard / flat A B C
RCA Conversion kit + Bronze knife edge bearing + Bronze Groundplate A B ask
Kokomo Kit 301/401 MK3 A A ask
MCT-SPU C ask ask

Weight-code / Shipping zones / Shipping costs

shipping weight Germany (incl. VAT) Europe (incl. VAT) Worldwide
A (-500G) 6,55 Euro 11,13 Euro 9,35 Euro
B (501-1000g) 6,55 Euro 15,05 Euro 12,65 Euro
C (1001-2000g) 6,55 Euro ask ask

Germany – shipping inside Germany, without the german islands.
Europe – all countries inside the European Union.
Worldwide – USA incl. Alaska, Canada, Japan, and all other outside the European Union.

Prices are given both excluding and including VAT:

  • Buyers from EU countries have to pay 19% VAT on all prices.
  • Non EU countries – If you are outside european union (EU) , you don’t pay VAT, but at customs when goods enter your country. VAT does not aply to shipping or bank transfer cost and Paypal charges.

Payment terms

  • We accept the payment only in Euro (€). If you can´t pay in Euro (€), please contact us.
  • PayPal (only for payments outside of Germany, plus 5% charge. Shipping only to the Paypal registered postal address!)
  • bank transfer (the preferred paypment for buyers from Germany, no extra)
  • international bank transfer (buyer has to pay the bank fee)The payment must arrived in the full amount, the buyer have to pay all fee´s for the payment. Banks charge money for abroad transfers. Please assure that all bank and transfer cost are covered at your side.