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Special offer: SME 3012-R

These very early SME 3012-R is in top condition and completely refurbished. The internal wiring of the tonearm (Pure Silver Hair Wire) is renewed and the tonearm has many new parts. Refurbished means that the tonearm was professionally cleaned, all bearings were cleaned and refurbished, a bronze knife-edge bearing MK3 is installed. The tonearm has been carefully assembled, adjusted and measured. The shown headshell with the mounted Ortofon pickup as well as the tonearm stand is not part of the offer.

Include and features:

  • internal tonearm wiring Pure Silver Hair Wire
  • Bronze knife edge bearing MK3
  • RCA Conversion Kit M
  • adjustment template
  • SME Manual
  • Precision screw driver for SME
  • fixing scews (stainless steel)
Price: sold

The prices are plus shipping costs and customs clearing, if needed.

Installation review Kokomo Kit 301 MK3

I was very happy about this german installation review of a customer, because the characteristics of the Kokomo Kit Mk3 are described in detail.  Read the complete review:

Spare part for Thorens BTD-12S tonearm

I made this special screw for a Thorens BTD-12S tonearm. This screw holds the rear tube of the tonearm, which carries the counterweight. Continue reading Spare part for Thorens BTD-12S tonearm

A small sensation: Advertisement of the very first SME tonearm

This is a small sensation, this advertisement was published by SME in 1958 or 1959. Nothing really special, but when you look at the Continue reading A small sensation: Advertisement of the very first SME tonearm

Basic Black Phono tonearm cable

A photo from this day, it shows the tonearm cable Basic Black Phono, full description follows in the next days.

New small precision machine in the workshop

Few month ago, I bought these tiny clockworker precision lathe made by Lorch, Germany. It´s a pleasure to work with. On the picture you can see how I manufacture cartridge connectors for the Pure Silver headshell cables.

SME 3012-R black, really a beauty

I got this beautiful tonearm two months ago in a dusty and broken state for repair. One of the main problems were the most required spare parts in black, these were from SME specially made because only silver parts are available for this tonearm as standard. After the repair, it is a real beauty , he looks even more beautiful in real than in the picture. It is a very rare tonearm, I had several hundred SME tonearms in the last years in my workshop, but only a handful of the SME 3012-R in black.

New hum balance adjustment for Sun Audio amps

We just designed a new parts for the Sun Audio amps. The parts are for the improved hum balance adjustment and brings also high quality teflon sockets for the 2A3/300B tubes. We manufacture those parts on our own maschines.

Headshell prototype

That´s a new headshell prototype made from aluminium-titanium-alloy. The weight of these solid headshell is with 16,2 grams a little bit higher, but just right for the SME 3009/3012 tonearms. It has a flat geometry matched to install flat cartridges like a Denon DL103.