MC-transformer “switchable”

Due the manufacturing of the Sansui MC-transformer I made another moving coil transformer for testing purposes and the sound is very impressive. I made more exemplars last year. It’s a pity that this MC transformer is unwillingly limited to 5 pieces, because I only had 10 of these NOS transformers available. The original design was very restricted in dimensions, so I reworked the design and the enclosure became a bit higher. The MC transformer can be switched between 2 step-up ratios (1:30 and 1:15). This possibility of switching is very nice to see how MC systems have a relationship with the transformer and how the sound character can be changed by changing the impedance ratios. The focus is not on the higher volume, but on the proportions of the instruments and the voices, as well as the stage. The lettering is engraved as usual.

This transformer harmonizes excellently with low impedance MC cartridges with an internal resistance of up to approx. 10 Ohm, the switchover allows the adaptation to the inductance of the MC generators. Low-resistance MC systems (e. g. Ortofon MC7500) with a very low inductance are not suitable for this MC transformer.

Tested and found very suitable MC transformer “MCT switchable” with this MC cartridges:

  • Ortofon SPU Classic G MK2 + SPU Classic GE Mk2
  • Ortofon SPU Synergy
  • Ortofon SPU Royal
  • Ortofon SPU #1 S
  • Ortofon SPU #1 E
  • Ortofon MC 30 Supreme
  • Shelter 501 MK3
  • Supex SD909 Mk2
  • Koetsu Jade Platinum
  • Koetsu Urushi Vermillion
  • Dynavector Karat 17D3