…After the revision my already good tonearm became unbeatable good… (F. Stuhlreyer, Germany)

Through a friend I became aware of the work of Mr. Robert Graetke, I entrusted my old SME 3009/II improved to him. What should I say? They still exist, the “super professionals”! After the revision my already good tonearm became unbeatable good. The improved running smoothness, the unprecedented high detail and the sovereignty of the tonearm have been further enhanced.

I use a Shure V15/4 system with new Shibata needle and boron cantilever. The SME-3009 tonearm is perfect for this system. Due to the work of Mr. Graetke, the components are now playing in a higher league. Measured against the price for comparable combinations, I would even call his work “inexpensive”. In addition, Mr. Graetke is a competent expert with a great knowledge of the matters involved. I also found many of his postings in the german Analog forum. Thank you very much, Mr. Graetke, for your excellent work.

Product(s): Service for SME 3009 Series 2 improved, Bronze knife edge bearing  Mk3, Pure Silver Hair Wire, Bronze groundplate “flat”, Basic Black (Phono cable)