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All about our moving coil transformer projects

… I did it again!

I did it again and build a small batch of these fantastic “MCT switchable”.  These MC-transformer can switched between low and high impedance and is with these features more compatible to MC-cartridges. Only one “MC switchable” is left and available!

MC-transformer “switchable”

Due the manufacturing of the Sansui MC-transformer I made another moving coil transformer for testing purposes and the sound is very impressive. I made more exemplars last year. It’s a pity Continue reading MC-transformer “switchable”

Adapter for Sansui MC-transformer A-603

On customers request an made these adapters for the vintage Sansui transformers A-603. The stepup ratio can switched between high (1:20) and low (1:10). The inscriptions are engraved. I made a second one of these adapter with similar transformers with a step up ratio of 1:15 and 1:30 (switchable).