Restoration: SME 3012 S2 (early version)

Today I finished a restoration of a SME 3012 S2. The tonearm was build in the early sixties and has a low 4-digit serial number. The 3012 is prepared to use on a Thorens TD124 with an Ortofon SPU. The tonearm was fully disassembled, cleaned, the internal tonearm wire is changed, the ball bearings got a rejuvenating all all was precisely mounted and adjusted.

The original counterweight was destroyed by a earlier owner, so I copy the SPU-Counterweight in original dimensions. The old 4-pin connector is exchanged to a RCA Conversion Kit for a high quality connection the phono stage. The attached short ground cable is the connect the chassis of the Thorens TD124, there is no extra ground cable needed.