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repair and service for Ortofon and EMT tonearms

EMT 997 (Service and repair)

Service and repair for EMT 997 tonearm

This beautiful EMT 997 tonearm I recently got from a customer from Italy for repair. The tonearm was mounted incorrectly in a previous service, it was not working. Continue reading EMT 997 (Service and repair)

Refurbishing Ortofon RMG 309 for Oswalds Mill Audio, USA

Some time ago I reconditioned these nice vintage Ortofon RMG 309 for Jonathan Weiss of Oswaldsmill Audio, USA. The arm rest is an own design and handcraft which I made for the vintage Ortofon tonearms.

Refurbishing of an Ortofon RMG309i (repair and rewire)

These Ortofon RMG309i tonearm comes in a dirty and not great condition, after a intensiv cleaing and the professional service it looks and works perfectly again. The new internal tonearm wire (Pure Silver Hair Wire) and the refurbishing and precise adjustment of the bearings brought a significant improvement in performance.


Headshell prototype

That´s a new headshell prototype made from Aluminuin-titanium-alloy. The weight of these solid headshell is with 16,2 gramms a little bit higher, but just right for the SME 3009/3012 tonearms. It has a flat geometry matched to install flat cartridges like a Denon DL103.

Refurbishing of an very old Ortofon RF 297 include custom made armboards

I refurbished these wonderfull Ortofon RF297 tonearm for a customer and designed a custom made armboard with arm rests and a bronze base. It´s a copy Continue reading Refurbishing of an very old Ortofon RF 297 include custom made armboards


These EMT 929 is after refurbishing in  excellent condition with nice features. The internal wiring was exchanged against the stunning quality from Shindo Lab, Japan. The tonearm got a custom made bronze groundplate incl. template. The tonearm has a modified phono connector (see pictures). All around a very beautiful tonearm in a excellent condition.