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all about the triode amps from Sun Audio – Japan – these amps are mostly used with 2A3 or 300B power triodes

New european distributor for Sun Audio / Uchida triode amps

The tube amplifiers of Sun Audio, Japan are now available at Acoustic Dimension in the Netherlands.

Acoustic Dimension
Mr.  Peter de Bruyn
Phone +31-15-8892700

New Mono power amps

In the product range added with a few changes. The both new monoaural amplifiers are very interesting by the strong driver stage and the interstage transformer.
New are two monaural amplifiers:

  • SV-2A3EPX (2A3 PP amplifier with interstage transformer)
  • SV-2A3TSX (2A3 PSE amplifier with interstage transformer)

Rebuilding an Sun Audio / Uchida SV-2A3 triode amp

I rebuild and build very often these Uchida / Sun Audio triode amps, so I made pictures from the rebuildung procedure. It´s published on the 2A3-Maniac blog of Carsten Bussler.

New hum balance adjustment for Sun Audio amps

We just designed a new parts for the Sun Audio amps. The parts are for the improved hum balance adjustment and brings also high quality teflon sockets for the 2A3/300B tubes. We manufacture those parts on our own maschines.