Repair, restoration, rewiring and service for tonearms

We repair, refurbish and rebuild tonearms of following manufacturers:

  • SME 3009 / 3012 (except the SME 3009 Series 3)
  • SME 309 / 310 / 312
  • SME IV / V
  • Ortofon (except the AS-212)
  • EMT 929/ EMT 997
  • Fidelity Research
  • Ikeda IT-345/IT-407
  • other tonearms on request.

Expert for SME tonearms (3009/3012)

For the SME 3009/3012 tonearms from SME, we offer a fix service charge. The service charge is 260,00 Euro. This flat charge covers all work for service, restoration and / or repair of a SME tonearm from the 3000 series and is plus material, spare parts and bronze tweaks as necessary plus shipping costs.  We use only original spare parts from SME-England for repair and restoration. Generally we create a no obligation free quote before repairing/restoration for you.

Please note: These service charge for SME 3009/3012 tonearms applies only to tonearms in a normal age-based condition. Tonearms in very bad condition and / or for tonearms which have been damaged by improper repair attempts are excluded from the service charge.

The service for SME tonearms 3009/3012 includes:

  • the complete disassembly and a professional 2-stage cleaning
  • preparation and restoration of ball bearings
  • repairing lift unit include refilling  damping fluid
  • Cleaning, lubrication and precise adjustment of the horizontal bearing
  • Rewiring of the tonearm wire inside with Pure Silver Hair Wire (exclude tonearm wire)
  • precise mounting and adjustment of the tonearm
  • the installation and adjustment of the bronze tweaks like bronze knife edge bearing, bronze groundplate, RCA Conversion Kit etc.


For tonearms of other manufacturers we can also create a quote for the repair or restoration for you on request.

Through our own fine mechanical workshop, equipped among other tools and machines with lathes and milling machines we can produce spare parts that are no longer available and to fulfill special requests as required.