Sun Audio / Uchida triode amps

Finest triode amps from Sun Audio – Japan

At the beginning we would like to mention that we sell no kits and amplifiers of Sun audio, Japan. You find at the end of these site the contact information to the manufacture and the european distributor Acoustic Dimension.

We revise and optimize the amps. By our experiences since 1992 with these marvelous amplifiers we naturally attained each quantity of knowledge and much feeling for the dimensioning and selection of these fantastic triode single ended amplifiers. Thus already far more than 200 this amplifier was build of us. You see a small excerpt of the different concepts in the photo gallery.

What do we make at all?

  • We advise you with the selection of the amplifier according to your personal hearing habits.
  • We support you with the purchase of new or used amplifiers from Sun Audio, Japan.
  • We build these kits for you.
  • We repair these amps.


  • Internal wiring of the amps with Pure Silver wire
  • Using diferent power tubes like 45, 2A3, 300B up to F2A11
  • Optimize the input stages
  • Optimize the power stages
  • Optimize the power supplys

This is only a short overview, with all this features is particularly important to us one: The original concept is to be maintained as far as possible. The results speak for itself: Of us optimize / build amps strikes the original models of these amplifiers around lengths. It depends not on maximum output power, but rather on authenticity and musi potashty.

Attention Uchida/Sun Audio owner!! (only for 230V equipment)

Please check the fuse in your amp, near to all power amplifiers (only 230 volts) are distributed with a wrong fuse. If you find a fuse, which is marked by 3A in your amp, exchange these immediately against a fuse 1.25 A middle slowly-acting. The 3 ampere fuse is only for 115 volts main voltage. With this wrong fuse burns in an error not the fuse, but the power transformer goes wrong! Which is connected with substantial costs and expenditure.

Here are the data of the right fuse for 230 volts main voltage:
Fuse (6,3mm x 32mm), US-Size, 1,25 A middle slowly-acting

Safety alert:
Before you check or change the fuse, disconnect your amp form the power outlet. Caution, risk of electric shock.

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