SME 3012-R on Platine Verdier (Feedback)

Hello Mr. Graetke,
further impressions after some more records:

  • much more drawing without losing the musical context
    Stop/ Scribing noises are concise and impulsive
  • more tones
  • Basses get color, print and contour
  • much more dynamic and live character.
  • more silence in the overall sound. Ancillary noises, including those of already worn discs, are far behind the sound.

This way, your changes and improvements also allow the qualities of the Verdier to be brought out much better. At high volume levels, everything stays clean and closed.

I am already enthusiastic about the overall result. What else is coming? Well, my Klipsch Cornwall III is doing it all 1-1. Not such a bad choice, after all. ?

It’s just nice to have met someone with you who obviously knows what he’s doing. ????
I’m glad my hobby gets such a boost. Makes listening to music a pleasure again. So here already a big thank you!

The tonearm SME 3012-R has been fully serviced, including new internal wiring with Pure Silver Hair Wire and the following SME tweaks:

Bronze knife edge bearing Mk3
Bronze groundplate “standard”
RCA Conversion Kit M
Tonearm Board MK3 for Board Verdier