Basic Black Phono tonearm cable

A photo from this day, it shows the tonearm cable Basic Black Phono, full description follows in the next days.

Ikeda IT-407 tonearm (repair job)

In the past, I’ve noticed that often have Ikeda tonearms increased friction in horizontal bearing. This Ikeda IT-407 remained at the play of the record permanently “hang” at the same position. Continue reading Ikeda IT-407 tonearm (repair job)

SME 3012-R on Platine Verdier (Feedback)

Hello Mr. Graetke,
further impressions after some more records:

Bronze-Groundplate for Dynavector DV 505 compatible to SME 9″ tonearms

On request I designed these special bronze groundplate for Dynavector DV-505 tonearms. With this bronze groundplate a Dynavector DV-505 tonearm Continue reading Bronze-Groundplate for Dynavector DV 505 compatible to SME 9″ tonearms

EMT 997 (Service and repair)

Service and repair for EMT 997 tonearm

This beautiful EMT 997 tonearm I recently got from a customer from Italy for repair. The tonearm was mounted incorrectly in a previous service, it was not working. Continue reading EMT 997 (Service and repair)

Plinth project with Vinylista

In teamwork with Martin Brenner of Vinylista this originated these plinth project for a Garrard 301/401. It can be used tonearms from 9” to 13” length. Continue reading Plinth project with Vinylista

Restoration SME 3009 S2 (early model) and a new counterweight

These nice tonearm came in dusty and dirty condition on my bench. The balance weight was lost. I serviced these tonearm, include a new wiring with Pure Silver hair Wire and made a copy of the original balance weight. The result sounds and looks pretty nice.

Adapter for Sansui MC-transformer A-603

On customers request an made these adapters for the vintage Sansui transformers A-603. The stepup ratio can switched between high (1:20) and low (1:10). The inscriptions are engraved. I made a second one of these adapter with similar transformers with a step up ratio of 1:15 and 1:30 (switchable).

Project tomorrow (step down transformer for japanese audio gear with 100 volts)

I made these step down transformers for a friend. He can´t find a high quality step down transformer for his japanese audio gear with 100 volts main voltage. Inside are transformers made by Lundahl, Sweden.

SME 3012 S2 with special heavy counterweight

That was a very special job, these tonearm came from Asia to my workbench. The customer like to use these SME 3012 with a total headshell weight of 42 grams. I designed a additional counterweight Continue reading SME 3012 S2 with special heavy counterweight