New connector kit for SME 3009/3012 and M2 tonarms

There is now a new connector kit for the SME 3009/3012 tonearms, as well as for the SME M2/9 and M2/12 tonearms available. The new 5-pin kit horizontal is the optimal solution for turntables with a limited height and therefore no room to plug the connectors from the bottom. This solution needs only a depth of 65mm. Another advantage of this solution is, that the tonearm can be operated both fully balanced and unbalanced. The operating mode depends only on the configuration of the phono cable.

… I did it again!

I did it again and build a small batch of these fantastic “MCT switchable”.  These MC-transformer can switched between low and high impedance and is with these features more compatible to MC-cartridges. Only one “MC switchable” is left and available!

…a very special Sun Audio SV-2A3

It should be a very “normal” Sun Audio triode amp, which can be operated with 2A3 and also with a 300B as power triodes, as I have built it many times before. But then all came differently! Carsten Bussler had the idea that he would like to use his collection of 2A3H. At this time the power amp was already completely assembled, tuned and played perfectly. Then the new journey with the 2A3H started! It was not so easy to integrate these power triode into the Uchida. More details and pictures can be found on the blog of Carsten Bussler – 2A3 Maniac strikes back

…the beginning is the conversation… (G. Funke, Germany)

Actually I had already planned to buy a new tonearm, but then I remembered again the website of Mr. Graetke. I was a bit sceptical, but after the first phone call my doubts were gone. Very competent, friendly and fair, I felt I was in good hands there. Now the tonearm has been tuned, remounted and the tonearm cable has been installed and it only remains to say: great cinema, my expectations have been exceeded by far! It is not necessary to go into detail at this point, because the tonearm is now better in all details. Price/performance: Mr. Graetke’s work and the resulting sound are worth every cent. I can only recommend every doubter to contact Mr. Graetke and let his knowledge and craftsmanship flow into his own tone arm.

Product(s): Service für SME 3009 Series 2 improved, Bronze-Schneidenlager  Mk3, Pure Silver Hair Wire

Installation review Kokomo Kit 301 MK3

I was very happy about this german installation review of a customer, because the characteristics of the Kokomo Kit Mk3 are described in detail.  Read the complete review:

…After the revision my already good tonearm became unbeatable good… (F. Stuhlreyer, Germany)

Through a friend I became aware of the work of Mr. Robert Graetke, I entrusted my old SME 3009/II improved to him. What should I say? They still exist, the “super professionals”! After the revision my Continue reading …After the revision my already good tonearm became unbeatable good… (F. Stuhlreyer, Germany)

MC-transformer “switchable”

Due the manufacturing of the Sansui MC-transformer I made another moving coil transformer for testing purposes and the sound is very impressive. I made more exemplars last year. It’s a pity Continue reading MC-transformer “switchable”

EMT 929 tonearm – revised

I got the pictured EMT 929 tonearm from Spain for repair. The internal wiring was defective, the bearings were not properly Continue reading EMT 929 tonearm – revised

Ikeda IT-345 revised

Last year this Ikeda IT-345 tonearm came to my workbench with the typical diagnosis from Canada. He was always hanging in different Continue reading Ikeda IT-345 revised

Ortofon RMG 309 – revised and repaired

Last year I revised and repaired this Ortofon RMG 309 for a customer from the USA. The tonearm came with a defective vertical bearing Continue reading Ortofon RMG 309 – revised and repaired